AWS MemoryDB

AWS provides a Redis™ 7 compatible managed database that is easy to use and is fully compatible with BullMQ.
There are some considerations to take care when using MemoryDB though.
  • MemoryDB only works in Cluster mode. So you need to use "hash tags" so that the queues get attached to a given cluster node (read more here).
  • MemoryDB can only be accessed within an AWS VPC, so you cannot access the Redis™ cluster outside of AWS.
The easiest way to use MemoryDB with BullMQ is to first instantiate a IORedis Cluster instance, and then use that connection as an option to your workers or queue instances, for example:
import { Cluster } from 'ioredis';
import { Worker } from 'bullmq';
const connection = new Cluster(
host: 'clustercfg.xxx.amazonaws.com',
port: 6379,
tls: {},
const worker = new Worker(
async (job: Job) => {
// Do some usefull stuff
{ connection },
// ...
// Do not forget to close the connection as well as the worker when shutting down
await worker.close();
await connection.quit();
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