In order to install BullMQ Pro you need to use a NPM token from taskforce.sh.
With the token at hand just update or create a .npmrc file in your app repository with the following contents:
where NPM__TASKFORCESH__TOKEN is an environment variable pointing to your token.
Then just install the @taskforcesh/bullmq-pro package as you would install any other package, with npm, yarn or pnpm:
yarn add @taskforcesh/bullmq-pro
In order to use BullMQ Pro just import the Pro versions of the classes. These classes are subclasses of the open source BullMQ library with new functionality:
import { QueuePro, WorkerPro } from '@taskforcesh/bullmq-pro';
const queue = new QueuePro('myQueue');
const worker = new WorkerPro('myQueue', async job => {
// Process job

Using Docker

If you use docker you must make sure that you also add the .npmrc file above in your Dockerfile:
ADD .npmrc /app/.npmrc
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