Adding jobs in bulk across different queues

Sometimes it is necessary to atomically add jobs to different queues in bulk. For example, there could be a requirement that all the jobs must be created or none of them. Also, adding jobs in bulk can be faster, since it reduces the number of roundtrips to Redis:

You may be think of queue.addBulk, but this method only adds jobs to a single queue. Another option is flowProducer.addBulk, so let's see an example:

import { FlowProducer } from 'bullmq';

const flow = new FlowProducer({ connection });

const trees = await flow.addBulk([
    name: 'job-1',
    queueName: 'queueName-1',
    data: {}
    name: 'job-2',
    queueName: 'queueName-2',
    data: {}

It is possible to add individual jobs without children.

This call can only succeed or fail, and all or none of the jobs will be added.

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