Remove Child Dependency

In some situations, you may have a parent job and need to remove the dependency of one of its children.

The pattern to solve this requirement consists on using the removeChildDependency method. It will make sure that if the job is the last pending child, to move its parent to waiting and it won't be listed in unprocessed list of the parent.

const flow = new FlowProducer({ connection });

const originalTree = await flow.add({
  name: 'root-job',
  queueName: 'topQueueName',
  data: {},
  children: [
      data: { idx: 0, foo: 'bar' },
      queueName: 'childrenQueueName',
      opts: {},

await originalTree.children[0].job.removeChildDependency();

As soon as a child calls this method, it will verify if it has an existing parent, if not, it'll throw an error.

Failed or completed children using this option won't generate any removal as they won't be part of unprocessed list:

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