When jobs are added to a queue, they will be in different statuses during their lifetime. BullMQ provides methods to retrieve information and jobs from the different statuses.

Job Counts

It is often necessary to know how many jobs are in a given status:

import { Queue } from 'bullmq';

const myQueue = new Queue('Paint');

const counts = await myQueue.getJobCounts('wait', 'completed', 'failed');

// Returns an object like this { wait: number, completed: number, failed: number }

The available status are:

  • completed,

  • failed,

  • delayed,

  • active,

  • wait,

  • waiting-children,

  • prioritized,

  • paused, and

  • repeat.

Get Jobs

It is also possible to retrieve the jobs with pagination style semantics. For example:

const completed = await myQueue.getJobs(['completed'], 0, 100, true);

// returns the oldest 100 jobs

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