Jobs can also include a priority option. Using priorities, job's processing order will be affected by the specified priority instead of following a FIFO or LIFO pattern.
Adding prioritized jobs is a slower operation than the other types of jobs, with a complexity O(n) relative to the number of jobs waiting in the Queue.
Note that the priorities go from 1 to MAX_INT, whereas a lower number is always a higher priority than higher numbers.
Jobs without a priority assigned will get the least priority.
import { Queue } from 'bullmq';
const myQueue = new Queue('Paint');
await myQueue.add('wall', { color: 'pink' }, { priority: 10 });
await myQueue.add('wall', { color: 'brown' }, { priority: 5 });
await myQueue.add('wall', { color: 'blue' }, { priority: 7 });
// The wall will be painted first brown, then blue and
// finally pink.
If several jobs are added with the same priority value, then the jobs within that priority will be processed in FIFO (First in first out) fashion.
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