Sandboxed processors

It is also possible to define workers to run on a separate process, we call this processors for sandboxed, because they run isolated from the rest of the code.
Since these workers run the processor in a different process, they will not result in stalled jobs as easily as standard workers, although it is not completely impossible if the CPUs in the system are so overload that there is no practical time for the worker to perform its bookkeeping to avoid stalling.
In order to use a sandboxed processor just define the processor in a separate file:
import { SandboxedJob } from 'bullmq';
module.exports = async (job: SandboxedJob) => {
// Do something with job
and refer to it in the worker constructor:
import { Worker } from 'bullmq'
const processorFile = path.join(__dirname, 'my_procesor.js');
worker = new Worker(queueName, processorFile);
If you are looking for a tutorial with code examples on how to use sandboxed processors using typescript you can find one here.
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